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Vegas Casino Games

Online Casinos Bring the Vegas Experience to the Small Screen.

Less than two decades ago – in the dark days of the late 20th century – the only place an avid gambler could enjoy jackpot slots, blackjack, or baccarat was in a land-based casino, those gigantic flashy, smoke-filled edifices that were packed with people, gaming machines, tables, noise and – undeniably – excitement. As invigorating as it was to play in a casino – whether in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo – it usually entailed added expenses, like hotel rooms, food, and airfare. Gambling was a blast, but the casino was an expensive destination (even before the first bet was placed).

When online gambling took off like a rocket at the beginning of this century, the entire industry changed. Very quickly, it was possible to enjoy everything a casino offers – all the games, the thrills and the lucrative possibilities – in the convenience of one’s own home. As well-known companies like Vegas Palms made the transition to the Internet, whatever concerns people had about online gambling disappeared as it became clear that this was a safe and secure way to play vegas casino games. Slot machines in particular are a great fit with the Net, as the graphics and colours are perfectly showcased on the small screen. In addition, high-pressure games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, as well as poker, are much more relaxed when played in an online casino, affording a pleasurable experience to even the most nervous, first-time gambler. Not coincidentally, this also led to poker gaining worldwide popularity, and online tournaments changed the way the card game was viewed. Online casinos also offer generous bonuses for newcomers and veteran players, alike, adding to the list of advantages that can be enjoyed when playing online.

Playing in an online casino and on Vegas very best, is a simple and easy affair; in fact, one of the biggest differences between a land-based and an online casino is the latter’s user-friendliness. Anyone who has ever walked into a cavernous, dimly lit “real” casino will appreciate the customer service at a reputable online casino. Online casinos have changed the way people gamble; they’ve taken something good and made it way, way better.